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How To Be The Cutest Pookie On CP!

How To Be The Cutest Pookie On CP!

When Arriving At Petshop

Wools In So Fast Wittle Heart Struggles To Keep Up
Tumbles In Like Bai Bai Marshmallow
Falls From Above And Lands Gently In Teacup
Gets Carried In By Angels
Tumbles in like mushy precious bai bai tomato 
Flies in on rainbow
Tumbles In Like Wittle Ball Of Sunshine
Wolls In on Sweet Tiny Wubzy Wubzy Tum Tum
Arrives On Peach Fuzz Belly Made Of Pure jelly

When You’re In The Petshop


Smiles Showing Mushy Pink Gum Gums
Smiles so brightly Mr Sun Sun Gets Jealous
Smiles showing won tooth Of Pearls
Smiles Smile Of Joy
Smiles Showing Bright Gummy Gums
Smiles So Brightly Mr Sun Sun Hides In Shame
Smiles So Sweetly Gotten Candy Melts
Smiles Wittle Rays Of Sunshine


Giggles Soooo Cutely Angels Gasp Above
Giggles like million angels
Giggles With Joy
Giggles like wittle miss universe
Giggles sweet melody
Giggles As Sweet As Sugar
Giggles Soo Cutely Angels Say Awwwwwww Above
Giggles Blueberry Bubbles Of Wove And Joy
Giggles Sweeter Than Strawberries In Sugar
Giggles Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
Giggles Sweeter Than Sugar
Giggles So Sweetly Angels Come To Listen
Giggles Cotton Candy Bubbles Of Pure Joy
Giggles So Sweetly Dora Stops To Say Awww
Giggles So Cute Dora Stops Exploring To Say Awh
Giggles So Sweetly Even Sugar Is Jelious
Giggles As Sweet As Honey

Gasps with delight
Gasps Bai Bai Adorable Gasp
Gasps Pookie Bear Gasps


Claps Flipper But Misses By Ocean And Dove/Disney Land
Claps With Tiny Hands But Misses
Claps Handies Gently
Waves By Opening And Closing Wubzy Armies
Waves Mushy Noodle Arms At Far
Waves Wittle Wake Pale Hand In Air
Wiggles mashwellow arms

Pats Floor…..
Pats Floor Cutely For Attention
Pats Floor Softly For Attention
Pats Floor With All Bai Bai Might
Pats Floor Softly But Flippers Are Softer
Pats Cold Floor With Tiny Flipers

Eye Expressions/Blushes

After A While Violet Rose Adorable Eyes Open Up
Eyes Twinkle Soo Cutely
Has The Most Adorable Shiny Eyes
Crystal Blue Eyes Shine Like Diamonds
Wittle Eyes Blink Like Butterfly
Eyes Sparkle
Ocean Blue Eyes Sparkle Like A Pool Of Glitter
Ocean Blue Eyes Remain Closed
Ocean Blue Eyes Sparkle
Big Blue Eyes Sparkle in night sky
Tiny Hawaiian Eyes Still Cannot See
Golden Eyes Sparkle In SunlIght
Eyes Are Like Blue Diamonds
Blushes Rosie Pink
Blushes As Pink As Strawberry Cake
Blushes Like Strawberry


Is Too Small To Get Out
Is New To The World
Is Oh So Helpless
Tries to Say Hwi But only Gooey Comes Out
Helpless Wittle Head Falls Back
Can Only Make Cute Wittle Noises
Can’t Support Mushy Self Needs Rich Mumu To Help
Tries To Move…
…….Eh Ehh…
…….Cries In Pain
Cant Support Witle Fuzzy Head
Has No Teeth
Is ……  (Very Helpful!)

Is Scared Of Mean Crowd
Is so sweet Sugar Has No Point
Is Fresh From Hospital
Is Wittle Cutie Pie
Is Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
Is Scared Of Own Shadow 
Is Nicest And Cutest Angel Here
Is Youngest And Cutest Here
Is Not Like Sugar And Not Like Spice But Ever So Nice
Is Brighter Than The Sun
Is So Pretty Star Stop Shinning
Is In Ruby Basket That Says Bella
Is Angel Princess
Is Cutest Pookie Pop In All Of Cp
Is Smaller Than Snowballs But Sweeter Than Sugar
Is So Precious A Billion Angels Watch Over
Is As Sweet As Sugar And As Bright As The Sun
Is On Every Cover Of Pookie Fashion
Is Sweeter Than Any Of The Others
Is Angel Sent from Candy Floss Clouds
Is Ela May Hollister

When A Mumu Comes to You

Reaches for curls but catches air!
Wraps golden locked curls around teeny wittle flipper
Digs Wittle Hands Into Beautiful Blonde Hair
Gives Candies Made With Dove
Wraps Wubzy Armies Awond Teddy
Raises Mushy moo armies waiting for mumu to pick up
Reachs For Model Hippy
Taps Shoe Gently
Sess Beautiful Tanned Model Mumu
Holds Armies Gently Awond Eck
Reaches Up With Wittle Weak Armies
Wraps Wubby Arms Around Nweck
Reaches For With All Pookie Might Might
Reaches For Golden Curls
Plays With Brown/Blonde/black jungle of curls
Rests Soft Wittle Delicate Head On Perfect Tan Shoulder
Rests Tiny Head Near To Warm Heart
Gets Wost In Soft Jungle Of Golden Curls
Biggest Dreams Eva Is To Have A Mumu…
…Hopes Today It Will Come Through
Watches Out For Perfect Mumu
Wants Perfect Peach Mumu With Cali Curls

Bounces Cutely On Soft Chubby Mr But But
Drops Lollipop
Crawls Showing Elmo And Barney Dipper
Plays With Tosises
Sneezes In Warm Hands
Mushy Gum Gums Chew On Hospital Bracelet
Sings To Teddy Cutely
Chews Teddy’s Ear
Woo My Only Friend Uppie
Pretends To Flip Golden Honey Curls
Wugz Softly
Wugz Weakly
Tries To Eat Straps
Waits In Beam Of Sunlight
Discovers Belly Button
Has Never Been So Happy
Chews On Flipper And Wolls On Back
Wolls On Perfect Sized Muffin Moo Belly
Reaches For Tosies And Falls Back
Screams Soo Loud People In China Drop Their Rice ___________________________________________________

Sniffles Wittle Button Nosie
Watches Everyone Get Picked
Hazel Eyes Fill Up With Tears
Tears Fall From Spring Blue Eyes
Tropical Eyes Show Sadness
Eh Woo Goo
Wiitle Booga Flies Out Of Botten Nose
Curls Up Into Heart Shaped Ball
Curls Up Into Wittle Ball Of Dove
Is Wittle Cutie Protected By Angles
Sighs Oh So Gently China Says Awww
Wiggles Wittle Tosies
Dreams Of Becoming Actress
Uppy Uppy
Ah Bah Bah Gooey Goo
Taps With Teeny Tiny Fwipper
A Waz Taz Gooey
Happily Watches Tv
Makes Adorable Bubbly Noises
Waits Like Angle From Above
Giggles So Cutely Angels Praise
Sigh Deeply
Taps Coach Shoes
Plays With Pale Bai Bai Tosies
Grabs Tosies With Plae Mushy Handies
Makes Adorable Goo Goo Noises
Big Beutifal Ocean Blue Eyes Sparkle
Gets Wost In Jungle Of Gplden Curls
Taps Floor With Peach Fuzz Armies
Gasps Most Adorable Gasp
Wants To Be Someone’s Princess
Cant Support Tiny Peach Fuzz Head
Falls Back
Screamz With Joy
But Misses Pats Cinderella’s Pwitty Castle
Sighz Wittle Hopeless Bai Bai Sigh
Rests Plump Head Of Fuzz On Soft Warm Shoulder
Wooks At With Crystal Eyes
Nods Berry Fast
Has Adorable Coco Chocolate Eyes That Sparkle
Gasp Escapes From Mango Tango Beak
Is Smaller Than Rainbow Jelly Wellie Beanie
Falls Back On Peach Fuzz Belly Jelly
Drools On Tiny Tum Tum
Shivers In Only Blue Scarf And Mighty Dippy
Flies In With Wittle Pure White Angles From High Sky
Lands In Pure Basket Made By Angels
Is So Cute Cinderella Stops Dancing To Say Awh!
Makes Most Hellpless Adorsble Sounds
Gives Channel Bai Bai Shoes
Smiles Oh So Weakly But Still Berry Cutely
Giggles So Sweetly Flowers Bloom In Spring
Soft Beak Makes Most Adorable Sounds
Clings To Mumu Like Bai Bai Monkey
Has Tiny Adorable Hawaiian Eyes With Precious Wittle Tears 
Won Cutest Pookie Award
Has Been On TV Has Been In Books

MUMU on cp

Make an arrival

Huge Golden Sparkling Elmo Limo Dives In  /Arrives In Huge Pink Sparkly Jet Which Lands Perfectly/Steps Into Room with Angels And Cuties
 Big Pink Fluffy Sparkly Carpet Rolls Out
Parks Brand New BMV In VIP Soace
Puts Perfect Tanned Leg Out Of Golden/Siver/dimound/Princess limo/natural tan Califoria Leg Pops Out Of Golden Limo
Steps out perfectly of Pink limo
Perfect Tanned Modle Missed By Sun Leg Pops Out
Walks with perfect sway along fluffy carpet 
Poses for Millions Of cameras
Flash flash
Walks Like Model
Has best kind mumu award
Is Producer Of Elmo And teddy town 
Waves At screaming fans
Looks for new teddy town star pookie!/scans room with rare aqua blue /looks for princess to spoil/Which Angle To Pick/Looks Around With Bright Emerald Eyes/Looks For Pookie Who will Cry When Not Held
Crosses Tan Slim Arms
Pushes Big Empty pink fluffy cozy stroller With Tv
Flips natural curly hair over perfect shoulder
Looks around for little muffin moo who will be future star
Taps Tanned Chin With Zebra Nail Curiously
Spots!/I spy a cutie pie/spots by mile cutie of  the world /spots miss adorable to spoil rotten
Walks sassy to adorable cutie pie

Look for an adorable pookie bear

Kneels Down To pookie bear So Doesn’t Scare
hello there miss adorable/hello there miss university/taps delicate shoulder gently/Hello there Little Miss Perfect
Awww ur adorable/aren’t u adorable/aren’t u just precious
Taps mango yellow beak of pookie bear
Smiles big joyful smile
What An Adorable Pookie Sent From Above
Pikes up/ scoops up faster than melting butter/vanilla ice cream/piks up under mango mushy moo arms/scoops up under bai bai /scoops up faster than last coach purse/armies/scoops up under mushy moo moo armies/ Scoops up under Plump Innocent Goo Goo Armies with Care  
Protest from meanie bo beanie
Twirls in warm summer breeze/twirls like Tinkerbelle/swings in arm like princess/ Rocks oh so slowly just enough to sent to sleep
Gives princess Binkey
Awww ur perfect/Aren’t U Gorgeous
Swings/Props onto perfect tanned hip/holds close to heart/holds in soft tanned arms
Whispers in pale mushy bai bai ear/whispers so other wont get jealous
Will u be my spoiled princess Hollister/I pick u gumdrop/Whispers in Warm peach fuzz ear
Add me ducky wucky

Add ur pookie

Carries gently in soft arms/Carries away from meanie pet shop/straps into Pink Fluffy stroller with jelly straps

Carry her/him to just outside the pet shop
Holds In Safe Arms
Look up there!
Points up at sky

Big Pink Jet Fly Through white Fluffy clouds
Guess what?
That’s Ours!
Pink Elmo jet lands beautifully
Jet Lands on mushy snow perfectly/Smoothly
Huge Jet Door Slides Open
Places pookie on pink fuzzy seat
Self straps in softest seat in world/straps in jelly bean straps/staps in pink elmo seat
Mini pink fuzzy tv pops out
Gets Self In
Climbs In
Turns on bunny barn on mini tv/Gives pookie pie pink fuzzy remote
Nods at Elmo pilot
Takes off to iggy

When ur in the iggy

This is ur new home hunny bun

Now from here on u HAVE to say awwww/awh! Very often when its being cute. Because most pookies like it when u say awww/awh! If u don’t they might threaten to run away! 

Scoops Up Under Pale Mushy Moo Moo
Theres Not A Thing I Would Change 
Carries In Safe Soft Arms Through Iggy

Carries her/him to a fire/pound/oven. (Any thing that can kill or hurt ur adorable muffin

Now huney bun u cant go near these things or else something bad will happen!
(Don’t try to make ur pookie too scared of it will have nightmares!)

Now heres the hard bit!! If ur pookie pop says tummy grumbles/ is hungry/ needs milky or something on that line get it something to eat this includes Elmo pizza/nuggets/milky/cookies/teddy town chips/Banana mush mush or any other food.
Now bring her to ur table/kitchen and feed him/her
Say stuff like “here comes the choo choo train”  “open wide”” here comes the elmo jet open wide!”

If it says yawns/yawns cutely/yawns softly/is tired or something that says it’s tired carrie it to its bed or cot
(u must have a bed/cot ready for ur pookie!) Sing her/him lullaby or something else witch will make ur pookie fall asleep.

Nite nite pookie
Turns off light
Tiptoes out of room
He/she will now say z z zz zz z /sweeps/sleeps/dreams of….
When its “morning” wake him/her up by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Cuz it wud be there first day in ur iggy (Stop from the there) but if u want to continue u cud have the most spoiled brat ever!! (Not advised!!)

Now u can say “Wanna  go swim swim” or Camping” or something else fun so that ur adorable muffin wont be bored! Drops into water and catches/puts on back and swims/

Once ur done that u cud get a sista(wista) or brother (bwoder) or a pet (kitties/uppies(dogs)bunny(Wabbit) or a dragon and many more! (Dragons cud be bai bai abusers in disguise!)

If ur baby wants a new elmo/dollie/sibling. GET IT!! If u don’t they will threaten to leave and get a new mumu!

Get a TV!! Cuz most pookies want to watch Elmo/teddy town or anything else

Keep on repeating these things until u or ur pookie has to go.

Ur pookie will sometimes grow up

Wahes single gold curl
..              under adorable mushy moo  Armies
..             between Cute tosies
Wave’s nite nite to
U are my princess of the world
Checks on
Makes banana mush mush
Sets table
Ur so precious
I pick u darling pookie
Aren’t u adorable
 Smiles brightly
Ur too precious
Turns flipping hair

Smiles pure white
Gives solid gold princess diamond locker
Gasps Awww In Warm mumu tone
French Zebra Painted Nail Taps Tan chin
Searches for Most Famous Amazing pookie
Looks For most Precious Muffin moo
Searches With Amazing Pure Diamond eyes
Long Blonde Cali locks Melt Onto Shoulder
Flips Cali Golden curls
Gasps Ever So Gently So Wont Damage Pumpkins Ears
Taps Precious Shoulder With Lavender French Nails
Looks For A Tiny Adorable Helpless Angel
Scoops Up under Delecate Mushy Moo moo Armies
Looks At With Crystal Clear Blue Eyes
Turns Making Golden Curls Fly
Runs Freanch Nail Throungh Colden Curls
Whipser U Are so  Percious
Protects Peach Fuzzy Wubby Head
Diamond Mumu Of The Year Jet Lands Smoothly
Is Famous Cali Modle
Wants Bah bah Who Wraps Wubbzy Armies Awond eck
Wants bah Bah Who Digs Nose Into Cali Curls
Pionts Up At Biggy Bright Blue Sky
Turns Wubby World Christmas Special
Hey There Angel Cake
Sparkly golden Jet Lands and Waves on Both Sides
Smiles Perfect Most Perfect Smile
Arent U Just Adorable
Wots Ur Amie
Straps Both In Rainbow Seats
Puts Carefully On Purple Fluffy Booster Seat
Wraps Thin And Skinny Palm tan Around Slim Modle Hip
Scoops Up Under Precious innocent Pink Mushy Armies
Pops In Channel Fuzzy Stroller
Hello There My Precious
Gives Channel Bai Bai Shoes
Rocks Like Waves On Bright Summer day
Puts Pookie On Soft Board
Push Board Lightly

Tears Drop On Ground

Wiggles In Bunny Town Dippy
Wolls On Self
Plays With Soft Bunny
Falls On Back
Wiggles Wittle Tosies
Tears Fill Big Chocolate Brown Eyes
Chews On mr Bunny
Is So Adorable Angels Look Down And Say Aww
Gives Sparkly Pink Callor Saying Princess
Taps Jelly Beack
Wittle Heart Cant Stand Waiting
Monches On Soft Yummy Cookie

Chews On  Leash
Makes Wittle Adorable Barks
A Bah bah Woff

You Are Now My Little Adorable Princess
Flips Naturally Curly Hair Over Perfectly Tanned Shoulder While Balancing Cute Adorable Pookie Pop Bunny Boo Sunshine Princess!

Is To Adorable For Any Words In Universe To Explain This Cuteness !
Tumbles Gentle On Back With No Possible Control Like Wittle Bai Bai Tomato !
Dora Stops Exploring Because Of All The Cuteness !

Is Just Back From Paris an brought gifts!

dog rockets out of door forever



  2. Pookies are cute but can be annoying

  3. Aww thanks i love being a pookie! :) :D

  4. im ok with the sweet ookies the first time i adopted she did all the chores and celebrated mothers day :)


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